Check that your diesel emissions are compliant.

Use Red Mountain’s Smoke Check 1667
the testing meter used by the Authorities!

The Smoke Check 1667 is the meter that many states, from New York to California, and Canada’s Ontario Ministry of Environment uses for governmental diesel testing and roadside checks.

Smoke Check 1667 is preferred for its easy operation and portability.  Avoid potential fees knowing you’re using the same tools for emissions testing as the authorities.

Made in USA .  Smoke Check 1667 is all assembled in Irvine, California.

$ 1 K
Violation fines

issued by California against 8 companies for diesel violations


have diesel emissions testing

$ 1

for first time violation in
New York State


roadside inspections were made in 2019 (FMCSA)

– Please note that state governments do not endorse smoke meters –